Google – Augmented Reality Glasses…a reality?

I’m not sure if many people saw this video when it was released a while ago, but it’s promoting a very cool concept. Basically it’s a pair of glasses that work by displaying information of the world immediately ahead of you on the lens of the glasses by using what is known as Augmented Reality. Theoretically the glasses can show you everything from your way around a book store to letting you know the trains are out of service and where your friend, that you’re planning to meet up with is. It may seem to be quite an outrageous concept at the moment but Google have just released an image taken with the glasses, which was also uploaded, to Google+ from the glasses. Maybe it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Let me know what you think on my Google+Facebook Page or by simply commenting below.

and here’s there original video

Cheers PetaPixel and Project Glass


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