The Real Donut King

Here is a series of images I meant to post ages ago. It’s about Andrew Kowala, producer of some of the best donuts in town. Have a read, take a peek at the pictures then head in to town when summer comes round again to taste!


Photographs and Words by Duncan Wright.

Nothing is quite like freshly baked food. Often when I ride my bike in to Fremantle I can smell freshly baked bread wafting from the bakery, I can always smell freshly brewed coffee and now I can smell fresh donuts wafting through the breeze. Andrew Kowala, a Polish immigrant who has lived in Australia for the best part of 40 years is the man behind that smell. His bright yellow, converted caravan is quickly becoming a Fremantle icon as word spreads that the best donuts in town to be had are just around the corner.

Andrew started the business just over 3 years ago after he moved to Perth from Melbourne with his new wife Eva. He quickly found he couldn’t find a job in his original passion of Electrical and Sound engineering but soon found his ground when he re-discovered his traditional family recipe. “I like the immediate feedback” he says in a mixed Polish/Aussie accent. It is no wonder he gets such good feedback being such a humble and generous person. Andrew frequently hires workers who are a bit worse off but are “always hardworking and easygoing” which seems to suit the vibe of the van perfectly. You can find Andrew and his van out the front of the Fremantle Town Hall most weekdays.


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