The Trials and Tribulations of Street Photography.

So….i’ve set myself a goal. To try and spend at least an hour shooting Street Photography every week. I’ve been scrolling through tons of street images recently and watched some amazing documentaries about some of the best photographers doing it, Joel Meyerowitz and Bruce Gilden to name a couple. To me, street photography is a term used to describe the doings of a voyuer. That being, to be constantly watching and looking at everyday life as it seemingly drifts pass. The camera is simply a tool for the moments we perceive as interesting enough to capture.

When I shot these images it was really the first time I went out to purposefully shoot  amongst the streets. I set aside a good couple of hours to wander around and see what or who I could find and experiment with various camera settings until I found some that I was comfortable with. When I got back I was amazed to discover i’d shot close to 150 images and couldn’t think of many that I though’t were actually any good. Upon review of the images and after i’d sat down with a cuppa and edited through them I think having six decent images was a pretty lucky start.

One of my goals was to try and gain permission from someone to take a closer more intimate portrait of them which I luckily enough did. Admittedly it’s not the strongest portrait, but I like it all the same. Next time I will endeavour to chat more with the subject and try to get them to open up rather than just rush to get the shot.

I’m going to go out on Friday for another crack at Street Photography and will probably venture to another part of town so will post about that experience then.




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