The Trials and Tribulations of Street Photography – Part 2.

Now I know that for the last post about Street Photography I said i’d try and get out to do an hour every week. Frankly, that hasn’t happened and i’ve been sitting on these images for weeks waiting to post them up. I ventured up to Perth for the day and shot 16 gigs worth of images of which about 10 are any good. Perth being much busier than Fremantle, especially during school holidays, presented itself with a lot more photographic opportunities in regards to both subject and composition which was great, however because of the bigger buildings and more built up areas you don’t get the same wonderful quality of light and long shadows as you do in Fremantle.  Though it was good for practising new techniques and ways of shooting such as pre-focusing, from the hip or my personal favourite ‘pretending your shooting something else but actually shooting the person who’s attention you’ve just caught’.

My favourite photo from this series is probably the one of the people crossing the road. It was my first from the hip, shot that actually worked and the two girls are both looking in the same direction, I wonder what was happening?. Also; check out the guy in the yellow jacket who looks like Jack Nicholson.

Anyway, i’m a bit busy at the moment with uni back and all but will endeavour too shoot some more street photography in the near future.




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