India – Panaji

We arrived yesterday morning in Panaji, the capital city of the small state of Goa. After managing to find the pre-pay taxi and aquiring a driving who seemed to be both asleep and stoned; we eventually ended up at our great little accommodation – Afonso Guest House. Amy had only slept for a couple of hours on the train so after waiting for our room we checked in and Amy had a nap while I had a walk around town. Panaji is the new capital of Goa and was once ruled by the Portugese so there is a lot of really amazing Portugese Architecture, small little laneways, makes me feel like i’m in Europe. We ended up strolling around for most of the day, found a great local spot for lunch and managed to find a pub for a few frothies. It was getting a bit hot later on so decided to chill in the room again before heading out late arvo, where we met up with Amys Aunty and Sister. We went climbing up this big hill which Panaji backs on to and came across a ferocious, man eating dog, which was luckily chained up but also an incredible view of the town. After that and getting a bit lost we eventually found our way to a touristy eatery where we had some curries and beers before heading back to the guest house.


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