India – Coonoor.

Ooty was the next stop on journey, unfortunately we couldn’t get any accomodation there so ended up heading to nearby Coonoor which turned out the be a smaller and more relaxed. We had to get up early to get the bus, originally we thought it was only a couple of hours and we were sure we could get a nice bus up. However as we learn everyday, this is India. The bus ended up being a local public bus and the journey ended up taking 6 hours. Luckily though it was probably the most beautiful road trip i’ve ever been on, driving through incredible mountain passes and winding up through stunning fields of tea.

We cruised through Ooty on the way to Coonoor and realised how busy it all seemed for a supposed small town. After arriving in Coonoor and checking in to our hostel we tried to get some dinner but then found out our hostel wasn’t taking orders so ended up starving until the morning. The next day we ended up exploring around town and reading books. Our hostel was right up on top of the hill overlooking the entire city, we had incredible views and FRESH AIR which was great.

The next day we decided to go for bit of a trek and went out to a place called Lambs Rock which provided incredible views over a massive mountainous valley. The area was also surrounded by tea plantations as far and as high as the eye could see. Originally we were going to head to Ooty for the next two nights but decided to relax in Coonoor for another night before heading to the state of Kerala and spend the extra day in Kochi.


Here are some of my favourite photos from the mountains!


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