India – Jodhpur

We arrived in Jodhpur by train and immediately got off to a bad start with a shonky Tuk-Tuk driver intentionally taking us the the wrong guest house so he could get a commission, when we realised it was the wrong guest house I had bit of a word with him, paid him half of what he’d asked for and set out walking the 20 minutes or so in the dark, to the place we had booked. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised with the wonderful view we got overlooking the whole of Jodhpur City and literally in the shadows of the gigantic Mehrangarh Fort.

We were in Jodhpur for 4 days so went spent most of our time wandering around checking out the bazaars, the fort and just the city in general. One of the best things we did during our stay was go on the Bishnoi Village Safari Tour. We got to drive around in a pretty badass 1957 Willys Jeep (USA Army Issue) and checkout how people live in the more rural villages of Rajasthan, one of them known as Bishnoi. We learnt about pottery, weaving and even how to produce and drink Opium. The man who was weaving the carpets/rugs even commissioned me to take a portrait of him when he found out I was a photographer.

After Jodhpur we went on a Camel Safari through the Thar Desert, i’ll post those pictures a little later.


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