India – Panaji

We arrived yesterday morning in Panaji, the capital city of the small state of Goa. After managing to find the pre-pay taxi and aquiring a driving who seemed to be both asleep and stoned; we eventually ended up at our great little¬†accommodation¬†– Afonso Guest House. Amy had only slept for a couple of hours on the train so after waiting for our room we checked in and Amy had a nap while I had a walk around town. Panaji is the new capital of Goa and was once ruled by the Portugese so there is a lot of really amazing Portugese Architecture, small little laneways, makes me feel like i’m in Europe. We ended up strolling around for most of the day, found a great local spot for lunch and managed to find a pub for a few frothies. It was getting a bit hot later on so decided to chill in the room again before heading out late arvo, where we met up with Amys Aunty and Sister. We went climbing up this big hill which Panaji backs on to and came across a ferocious, man eating dog, which was luckily chained up but also an incredible view of the town. After that and getting a bit lost we eventually found our way to a touristy eatery where we had some curries and beers before heading back to the guest house.


India – Bangalore

We woke up on New Years Day and went and had a delicious Dosa for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Our train was at 3 that afternoon so we had a few hours to kill and went for a stroll around the city. We came across Cubbon Park, which is quite similar to Perths own Kings Park, and enjoyed a nice wander. It was good to get away from all the traffic and pollution. After this we had a quick coffee and headed back to the  hotel, taking photos of people n tings along the way.

That afternoon we managed to get a taxi to Yesvanthpur station to get the train to Goa. We shared the cabin on our train with a nice bloke from Goa who now lives in Bangalore and was heading home for a wedding. I was lucky enough to tick off a few things on my bucket such hanging off the side of the train as it marched through the country side.

Anyway, we are in Goa now, staying at Afonso Guest House. A bit buggered after the train ride so just relaxing this morning then heading out in to the hustle and bustle.

Here are some pictures from the trip so far…

Abroad – Perth to Kuala Lumpur

Amy and I left Perth on the 30th of January bound for Kuala Lumpur, not my most favourite place in the world but not a bad spot either. The flight was long and boring, as most are and we arrived with no problems in perhaps the smallest hotel room i’ve ever seen. Just enough room for the two of us and our bags. All good though as we had wonderful airport and palm plantation views; fortunately there was a 7/11 downstairs and I was able to grab some chips and beer for dinner.

Today we flew out of KL and straight in to the thick of it in Bangalore, India. We’ve only been in the sub-continent for about 6 hours and I already love it. The people are wonderful, friendly and helpful. Food is delicious, Kingfisher beer is great and the weather is perfect. We are off to Goa tomorrow and are taking a 14 hour overnight train which will be very interesting indeed.

Here are some pictures so far, have been a bit to overwhelmed in India to actually take any pictures so here are some from Kuala Lumpur and the plane journeys.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Raspberry French Toast – Perfect for the summery Sunday morning…

Graeme Hedington – Speedway.

A few months ago I was privileged to go and take photos at a private speedway in the wheatbelt. I plan on releasing the photos sometime in the future as part of a greater series but for nowI have a triptych of ex, circa 1960, speedway racer Graeme Hedington who is still going strong today at 67.

Wedding – Jade and Jamie

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to document the wedding of the lovely Jade and Jamie Griffiths. Here are a few of my favourites – unfortunately due to copyright reasons at the venue I can’t show you all of them.


Earlier this year I was fortunate to shoot the Parklife Festival for Pedestrian.TV. It was a long day but good times were had by all (I was with anyway), here are some of my favourites…

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